Marine Vinyl

Marine Vinyl

Marine vinyl can dry out very quickly from the sun and water. Make it last many times longer and look better by treating it with URAD once or twice a season. URAD was made originally for leather furniture but does an equally good job on vinyl, rubber and plastic.

Use URAD when the vinyl surfaces are dry. Apply very little per application. Scoop a small amount onto the sponge and wipe off any excess back into the jar. If you can see the URAD on the surface of the sponge you have too much. Apply gently to the surface you are treating whether it is your vinyl dashboard or the vinyl seats. Keep going until the sponge begins to drag then go back to the jar for more.

URAD will give some needed UV protection as well. As well as using it on the all the vinyl in the boat you can use for rubber gaskets like those used as a seal on a refrigerator Logan

If you are in salt water, URAD will help remove salt. You can also check our section on how to remove salt stains.

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