Cleaning Horse Tack

Cleaning Horse Tack

URAD can save you hours of work cleaning and conditioning your saddles and tack. Many products and procedures for leather saddle cleaning and care take a long time, have several steps and leave a film or oil that can get on your clothes. URAD cleans, conditions and protects your leather saddles and other tack in one step. The carnauba wax also will bring out the natural shine of the leather. You can use it on all of your leather tack: bridles, saddles, boots, reins and anything else you can think of.

URAD is non toxic. It is made from natural ingredient: lanolin, carnauba wax and minerals. So, if you use it on bridles or blinders and such it will not irritate the skin or eyes of your horse.

How to clean horse tack

Use very little at a time – more is not better with URAD. Scoop a little out of the jar with the sponge provided. Work some into the sponge by rubbing is against the rim of the jar. Then wipe off any excess – you don’t want to see any on the surface of the sponge. Apply it to your saddle or other tack by gently working it into the leather – you do not have to scrub hard. The lanolin will work the dirt out and moisturize(condition) the leather. If the leather is still tacky after a couple of minutes then you are using too much. Seams/threading will catch more of the URAD then will take longer to dry so work these areas when the sponge is slightly drier.

To waterproof your leather tack once every two weeks is usually enough to do the trick. Other than that it depends upon use. For some tack a couple of times a year is enough. If you are using a bridle every day you should probably treat it every 2-3 weeks. The URAD will potect the leather against mold and mildew as well as remove these things. So, some of your bridles can be saved after all. If the leather is cracked then there is not much that can be done but if you have a very dried out leather saddle or bridle it can be brought back to life.

Tenderly can be used alternately or in conjuction with URAD. Add a small amount of Tenderly – a couple of tablespoons for a 7 ounce jar of URAD to help soften the leather. Tenderly was developed as a leather softener. It will also help URAD dry more quickly. You can also use if after applying URAD. Again use very little. More is not better with these products.Watch Sugarbabies (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

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If you are in a show and want the grain of your horse hooves to really pop! then use URAD on them just before you go out. You don’t need much. Give it a few minutes to fully dry.

If you have used LeatherMate in the past please read our “Leather Mate Disclaimer”. URAD is exactly the same as the original Leather Mate.

We sell Neutral, black and brown URAD. Neutral is suitable for any color leather. The black and brown have small amounts of pigment. They are not a polish. Even the colors go into the leather they do not sit on the surface like polishes. Because URAD actually absorbs into the leather it does not stain your clothing.

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