Clean Leather Furniture

Clean Leather Furniture

When you are purchasing leather furniture it is a good idea to find out a bit about the leather and how difficult or easy it is to care for. The types of leather can be found on another page. A non porous cowhide is going to be the easiest to care for but may not always be what you want aesthetically. If you have a lot of small children and dogs you may opt for more durable over aesthetics.

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For most of your leather furniture you will be able to use URAD. URAD will clean, condition(return the lost oils) and protect leather furniture while bringing back the natural shine of the leather. Lanolin returns the oils and cleans the leather while the carnauba wax will protect leather furniture and shine. Lanolin is the best oil for leather furniture.

Always test any product including URAD and Tenderly on a section of the leather sofa that is less visible.

Scoop a little of the URAD onto the sponge and wipe it off against the inside rim of the jar. This works a bit of the product into the sponge and at the same time removes any from the surface of the sponge. You want very little of the product at a time on the sponge. If you can see it on the surface of the sponge, you have too much. Gently rub it into the leather until the sponge begins to drag. As long as the sponge is moving smoothly on the leather keep going. Add a bit more and move to the next section. On a cowhide sofa or chair one can usually use only URAD. It will take a minute or so to dry. If after several minutes it is still tacky, then you are using too much.

On more porous leathers URAD will need to be mixed with a bit of Tenderly – the more porous the more Tenderly. If you use only URAD on porous leather it may leave a slight film that will be unsightly – it will not harm the leather – just use a warm, wet cloth to wipe it off then use the Tenderly/URAD mixture instead.

To mix URAD and Tenderly shake the URAD into a more liquid state then take an equal amount of both and stir together then use as directed above. The softer or more porous the leather the more Tenderly one should use.

For scratches on leather furniture one can use URAD or the mixture. This will not make the scratches go away entirely but by putting the oil back in the leather they will not be so visible.

Our neutral URAD will work with black, white or brown leather furniture. We also have colors: black and two browns. For parts of your leather furniture that have extra wear the pigment in the colors will help more than the neutral.

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